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si che è perso molto appena è trovato
one that is lost is very hardly found...
9 Furries Shot Me, so Why Don't You?
I decided, out of a whim, to go to Furry Fiesta this year, mainly because of all of the great things I've been hearing about this convention. I've heard that the people are good, that there's a lot of stuff to do, and that the hotel is exquisite.

I was not disappointed.

Let's get to the nitty-gritty:

The Good
As being a mid-size to large convention, there was certainly enough room to wander around. It didn't feel cramped, nor did it truly feel like over 1000 furs were packed into one area.
I met up with a lot of good friends that I haven't seen in a while there, like quasiskunk, antivv0rd, and certainly shockwave77598 and kinkyturtle.
I think the only nights I spent sober were Thursday night when I arrived and Monday night when I got home.
Watching two kick-ass concerts: one from bucktowntiger and the other from Matthew Ebel.
Matthew Ebel's subscriber after-party. 'Nuff said.
Both the Weight Training exercise room and the Cardio Training exercise room were great.

The Bad
The Dealer's Den was consistently packed with people. I wanted to get more commissions but their tables were either crowded or they were full from the rush on Friday morning.
The sound system brought in by Sub-Level 03 was a bit... thick-sounding. There was too much bass and distortion, and it rattled the walls a lot to the point in which the con director couldn't sleep, not to mention the "Are You A Werewolf?" game being interrupted by vibrating ceiling tiles.
The same sound system caused my recording of Matt's concert to distort and vibrate. Guess I'll have to wait until he releases the audio recording to his subscibers to get a better "quality".
When working out in the weight room, some furs showed up to mock me and prove they can lift more. The only reason why I've been working out is to lose weight, not to show off.

The WTF?
Corsi has a beard? And is a husky?
Matt totally singled me out during his concert. Not that this was a bad thing, as it was a lot of fun.
Missing bucktowntiger's "Chicken And Fries" in order to grab some... chicken and fries.
This is the first time ever in which I've had to leave a convention on Sunday. I am not very thrilled with the idea, but I had to return back to my job on Monday.

All in all, the experience of Texas Furry Fiesta left a pretty darn good impression on me. I will certainly be attempting to make my way to Texas again for this fine convention. Maybe... Just maybe... I'll put in a bid to do my own show there.
9 Furries Shot Me, so Why Don't You?
I used to use my LiveJournal for my rants and mindless thoughts. I used to express my feelings on my LiveJournal. I used to spurt out things on my mind and pray that people would find it entertaining.

If you're looking for comedy, this journal posting isn't for you.

It's been a year. It's been over a year since my downfall of... let's say euphoria at this point. I've spent many nights crying myself to sleep, sleeping under the blanket of loneliness and abandonment. Everything that I thought I ever had was taken from me in an instant; my health has fallen drastically, my interests have changed, and my social interactions are not what they were years ago. I've lost touch with fantasy, not reality. I'm well grounded in reality.

I've focused more on my job and what it means to me. I'm working two jobs to pay bills, keeping myself in somewhat of a stable state. I attempted dating again, not to a disastrous result as it ended it a mutual situation.

These days, I feel lost on the road to success. I'm well grounded in the path, but I don't know how to steer from that path. I may waver (going to the movies, playing a game), but I keep returning to socially isolating myself from the world and continuing on nothing but work. The times that I get off of work and attempt to leave my private nest of protection, I get smacked in the face with real-life issues.

Halloween weekend, I went to go see a bunch of friends in the Athens/Huntsville, AL area. From being a little sick to drama I should have never been involved with to car issues, life kept telling me to just leave and keep myself isolated. And every time I resist, something happens. That weekend, I lost my car because I ran off the road, missing a deer. I have yet to still sell the car (for scrap at this point), and I'm faced with paying insurance on it, thanks to the State of Louisiana being idiots and not allowing you to remove insurance without having your license suspended.

I go to conventions, not only to attempt to socialize, but to test my limits on life. I find myself surrounded by people, and yet I feel alone. RCFM this year was an exception, as the results of the end of the convention were pleasing to me, but even euphoria fades away. MFM, this year, I felt alone... Not because of the events of last year, but more of the idea that as people have felt that I have abandoned them. And thus, I walk alone.

In this world, I am alone. In this world, I am misunderstood. In this world, forever will I be forgotten over time.

But, I do try and live in the moment as best as I can. I may not be the best at it, but as seen by a few people outside of the online world, I have been trying to garner strength to come out of my shell once more. After being hurt so many times over the past year, this seems an impossible task.

Please understand that I am very slow at coming out of this little protective bubble I have. After all...

I am doing this alone.

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After last year's MFM, I kind of made a vow that I wouldn't attend MFM again, feeling as if I had got the shaft. Through most of the year, I took the hit to my character and partially never recovered. I stood broken, battered, and bruised.

RCFM changed a lot of that. It wasn't the whole "look at dem titties" (which all filming credit still goes to WildRoo... I just posted it up on YouTube), nor was it the idea of having a decent turnout at my show (from last count, it was standing-room-only in the ballroom). It was the people... The old people, the new people, the staff and etc. After the wonderful experience that was RCFM 2010, I decided to give MFM 2010 a go, mainly to show that I DID recover and had returned (mostly) to my feet as that wild and crazy Isfa that people knew all along. I totally went to troll, having hidden the idea from everyone that I would be going to MFM at all.

I was pleasantly surprised. I had gone into the convention expecting a kind of "ehhhhhh", and it ended up to be fun... Maybe not memorable, but still fun. The new hotel was certainly needed, and had a LOT of space for expansion (I think the opening ceremonies ballroom was half-full... this was the first year that I didn't attend all of it).

My big mention was that the con DID admit that it had its faults and certainly some bugs to work out. Admittedly, I had tried to find fault with a lot of things, but the registration complaint worked itself out (there really was no need to worry about registration if you had gotten in early), the placement of a few panels worked fine (the Charity Auction in the auditorium? Genius!), and the mandatory quiet time wasn't TRULY enforced (there really wasn't a need for it, unless you count the dances). The only major fault I did see was the scheduling and how limited it was. I know that bucktowntiger missed the Fursuit Games thanks to the Poker Tournament was scheduled right next to each other.

Anyway, let's break it down to the nitty-gritty. Thus I give you...

The Good

The Charity Auction was held in the auditorium. This was genius, though it seemed like it proved a hard time for the MCs to spot bids. Still...
The look on some of the faces of friends when they spotted I was there. This includes staff who had no idea I was coming in the first place.
Finally getting to sit down in the LAN Room and play a few rounds of Invasion.
Finally getting the time to sit down and have a few beers at the bar with friends.
Continuing the staring contest with Vitae (ended up 2-1 with her winning this year).
Getting at least three commissions from dealers.
Ended up 6th in the Poker Tournament (BEAT THAT, EXILE HUSCOON!).
Under the stairs movie night with Shockwave. Though it was drowned out by the dance music sometimes, it was still very much fun.
At least, at closing ceremonies, they DID mention the GoH, despite the fact that she was sitting in the back of the room. I think the con learned a little from last year.

The Bad

Dealer's Den was split up into two separate rooms. It was hard to determine who had a Dealer's Den table when half of it was in Artist's Alley.
The con suite was hard to find! I wondered where it was, but didn't find it until nearly Saturday afternoon. I understand that it needed to be in a suite room, but it could have been labeled much better
Karaoke was almost hard to find from the start. The changes in the hotel made things not seem like where they would be.
Programming seemed very limited this year with no comedy tract or musical performances.
Having to clear my name as best as I could to those who thought that I was a pile of dirt.
Moving out to the Pavilion at night was so very low light that someone could have fallen and broken something. This is not the convention's fault, but more of the hotel's fault.

The WTF?!?

There was a particular staff member who... maybe refused to acknowledge me at the con. Not mentioning names.
The looks from some of the other staff members towards me were... slightly held in disdain of me even being there in the first place. I guess bridges like those you just can't rebuild, even with apologies and acceptance of my faults.
Many people had asked me if I was doing a show at MFM this year. Though appreciative of people asking for me to perform, my comments remained "Yeah... I don't think MFM will let me perform here again..." Sorry guys.
Having two of the roommates bail on the room during the con, increasing the cost for the other people in the room.

Final verdict: It was a much needed improvement from last year. It'll take a bit of time to bring the attendance up to pre-decade members, but it has potential with the new hotel. There are still a few kinks to work out, but it looks like the con is trying to actively improve itself after a few lackluster years.

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It's been a while since I've posted up here on LiveJournal. I'm still alive and kicking, mainly been working my rear off.

Speaking of that, I went back to work for Subway. Now before you go off on me, I went back under my own terms. I'm only working weekends (that I'm available), and I'm not doing ANY management. So right now, it's just a bit of extra income.

Speaking of income... There was a bit of scare for me. I had spent a LOT on my credit card and it wasn't even looking like going down. Now that I'm on an even tighter paper budget, I've been able to pay it down. Since then, I've got a decent savings budget in both liquid assets and investments. My finances are still stabilizing, but I might be able to squeeze another convention into my schedule.

Gaming-wise, it's been slow. I finally got around to finishing Final Fantasy XIII (meh), God of War III (a bit too violent even for me), and currently working on StarCraft II, along with maintaining my character in EVE Online.

I barely have time, but the free time that I have had has been spent on a super secret project. All I can really say is that Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is making things so much easier for me, editing wise. I still have a long time to finish it, and the intro is (mostly) finished.

That's about it. I'm alive and kicking. Just a bit anti-social and a workaholic.
Why Don't You?
Okay, people. Now this is getting annoying. I have about 15 opportunities to just MAKE FUN OF YOUR REACTION TO A JOKE!

Take your head out of your ass and look at it from an outer standpoint. All you people are doing to yourselves is opening yourself up to me making fun of you further.

I know you people are reading this. You are not hurting me whatsoever.
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Usually, I split these posts, but sometimes they're needed to be put into one.

The Bad
As much as I love RCFM, I think the hardest part of the whole convention was the schedule. I missed a couple of panels that I wanted to catch, and...

I thought that this was a great idea at the time, but it ended up to cause me to collapse a little afterwards: My show was scheduled directly after the FVS, in which I was the MC. I barely had time to prepare for my show as 3 minutes of it was hooking up the AV setup that I brought (tapeless recording for one camera and DAT Tape for the audio). I gave everyone a 10-minute break so that they could stretch, smoke, use the bathroom, whatnot.

I have a playlist that I listen to before I go on stage. It's about 30 minutes long, filled with what I like to call "energy music". I didn't get a chance to listen to it at all before I went up on stage, which caused me to have a little less energy than I usually do up there. Also, I had to scribble my notes and lose studying time because of the FVS, so that's why I kept going back to my drink and notes.

There was some douche with an airhorn there at the hotel. What in the right mind causes you to bring one of those to a REALLY NICE HOTEL and blare it out? I'm glad that security got the dipshit.

The Ugly
There was another furry convention going on during Memorial Day Weekend: Fur Affinity: United. Now, I think the idea of a fur con is great, and I certainly appreciate what the con staff go through just to give attendees a good time.

As an idea, I thought the concept of a "convention war" would be amusing. Think of this: Those people who just ATTEND conventions, who can't draw or play an instrument or tell jokes on stage or fursuit, had a chance to give back to their fandom. People could commission artists, scan it there at the con, post it up about what a wonderful time they had. They could get photos up and make videos telling the other convention that they were having a better time than us.

Apparently Dragoneer and the rest of the FA:U staff didn't think that was amusing. In fact, as of today, I have been banned from the Fur Affinity Forums (only 2 posts), and I have been blocked from following Dragoneer on Twitter.

Before anyone thinks I'm going "WAHHHHHHHHHHHH", I'm not.

I find it more amusing that people are going out of their way to blast me even further. I made one @Dragoneer tweet at RCFM, and a few #FAU3/#FAU2010 tweets out there, and constaff is going apeshit crazy. People have imitated me on IRC (I haven't been on IRC in over a year), and running around as me, blasting FA:U. Believe me, I don't want FA:U to have a drop in attendance, nor do I want them to fail.

Dragoneer, if you're reading this, I think you're acting a tad bit wrong about the idea. I really think you need to step back and look at all the fun at RCFM we had this year trying to prove to FA:U that we were having more fun. I never said anything bad (aside from the Forum post about "You're at the wrong con") and it was all in jest really.

You flipped out over nothing.
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I haven't done a con report in quite a while, or at least a detailed fashion like this, but this year's RCFM was THAT worth it.

I have been going to RCFM for 4 years now, and certainly had some iffy conventions. But they've always left some kind of impression on me from every time I've been there. Whether it be "Rant With 2" event that skyrocketed me to the idea of being a comedian in the fandom, or the time I pretty much fell out drunk in the bathroom, I've loved this convention.

This year was no different.

The moment I arrived at the hotel, about 15 people acknowledged me being there. That's why I love this convention... The people. There's too many people to name that made this convention for me. It's all about the people and what they did.

Friday... Friday was made of epic and awesome and win. What had happened is Corsi and a few other fursuiters went out to the streets of Hunstville, and WildRoo just happened to have his camera out. A black woman just runs up to Corsi and yells out "LOOK AT THEM TITTIES", gropes Corsi, then runs away. And WildRoo got it all on film. When they arrived back at the convention, they mentioned this to me and showed me the footage, at which point, I said "Give me a copy of the footage", did a few title edits, and then placed it on YouTube. The entire convention heard about this incident, accosting Corsi with said phrase, and causing the video to go "viral" of a sort.

For those of you who haven't seen it:

This video started the downfall of a convention, and an instant meme with Corsi. And I loved every second of it.

Saturday: I spent most of the day with SnapETiger and the Furry Variety Show, since I was the MC of it. On the hour of the FVS, I got a little stressed out with the show since I knew that Corsi (who helped steal the show last year) wasn't going to be able to be at the show due to working the Fursuit Decathalon. All of a sudden, Corsi (out of suit) showed up at the FVS and said that he was going to be able to watch the show, and the night began with a series of hilarious events.

My show on Saturday night was right behind the FVS... I mean DIRECTLY behind the FVS. I didn't have a chance to listen to my "I'm-fixing-to-go-on-stage" music and write my notes down since I was very busy with being the MC at the show. However, between acts, I did find time to write down my notes, and try and get as prepared as much as I could.

The show ended up rather well. Nitewolf opened up for me and did rather well to start and get the people worked up a little. It wasn't until he had said, on stage, that he forgot his notes at home in which I started to panic a little. But, in the end, he pulled it off and got me back on stage, in which the show went PHENOMENAL!

Thank you to everyone who showed up at my show on Saturday night. You people are awesome and certainly made me feel very special after the show. I think there were about 100 people at the show, as I heard that soon enough it became standing-room-only afterwards.

There's only one other thing I should mention before I end this day. Thanks to a few ideas from Yoken and Setsu, and with a failed experience of Fox Lemonte at Cheeburger Cheeburger, I filmed a small "PSA Video" at RCFM with a few extras (they're listed in the description of the video). It ended up great, though I really wish I could have had a better camera to film it with. I'm still getting used to this other camera and working with SoundBoard CS5. But it still ended up great.

Sunday: Not much went on there, but I can say this: The evening at Ruth's Chris's... Oh yeah, there was an after party. No more details.

Also, Corsi taking the Wheel (Tits) of Blame at Closing Ceremonies.

"Ranting with Isfacat" is a panel that I've kind of inherited from 2 The Ranting Gryphon of years past at RCFM. The whole purpose of the panel is for YOU, the AUDIENCE, to participate. I want to see your comedy, your rants, your stage things, your stories... I want to hear it all. I had a few people come up to me after that panel and tell me how hard it is to be up on that stage, even if it was just for 5 minutes. Trust me, I know this.

This year, Drumming Raccoon won the contest, and I still owe him a beer. I had to kind of skip out on it due to the dinner date at Ruth's Chris. So next year, Drumming Raccoon, I'll make sure to get you that beer.

Overall summary:

-Show went AWESOME
-The people
-Dinner at Ruth's Chris
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2 weeks until RCFM, and I'm almost done with my sets for Saturday night.

I should note that with the Furry Variety Show on Saturday afternoon (in which I'm MCing), I'll probably need a few minutes to breathe before going for the show, so I'm implementing a 10-minute "bathroom, smoke, stretch, whatever" break before the show. Yeah, that might mean that my show would run 10 minutes too long, but people don't want to be seated for 3 hours straight.

Besides, it'll also give me enough time to get my cameras set up and audio feed recording while people are doing their thing.

Also, I will still be filming a music video there at RCFM. Anyone who wants to help is welcome. I have most of it storyboarded out, and I'm finalizing the last few shots onto the board.

See everyone in 2 weeks!
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This is me... Trying to be a geek.

And I was.

Except YouTube ate the 16:9 Widescreen encoding and made it 4:3 Full Screen. And I hate YouTube for that.
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The rumors of my death are untrue.

I've been very busy with work since returning back home from FWA. I wish I could give a better report of FWA, but this is it in a nutshell:

YayOMGgettohangoutwithfriendsmeetnewonesplayinpokertournament... Richard... hide... cry... avoid people...
Met gen in person (She's very nice in person). Filmed Matthew Ebel's show (and gave him my footage... Macs and PCs CAN communicate with each other). Drank and made up with Kage ($6 a beer... in a wine glass...).

As for the rest of the time: It's been nothing more than work at the bank and Subway... Yes, I went back to Subway so I can pay off my credit cards much faster. Don't judge me... It's weekends only... ONLY.

Back to the matter at hand, and the reason for the post: THANK YOU to RCFM staff. I'm looking at the schedule for my shows, and it's perfect. My show is right after the Furry Variety Show (which I'm the MC), so my vocal cords will be warmed up already. Not to mention that I have an opener so I can take a quick breather. This will be my second hour-long show that I've ever done, and I've got some brand new material that I've been trying out with the locals here... They think it's great.

Also, some of you who were following me on Twitter might have noticed that I was attempting to film a music video at FWA. Well, there was a HUGE lack of participation on the part of the attendees, and it got me a little down. However, I've already talked with brodycatsmouth about filming it at RCFM, and he totally approves... In fact, encourages it. The song is "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger. This is not a recreation, this is a lip-dub. And I think I can still use the footage of 2_gryphon that I filmed at FWA in relation to the video.

So yeah, I'm still alive.
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Darwinia+ on XBox Live Arcade. Now available.

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If there's anything that I've ever learned from gaming, it's that the underdog isn't expected to win.

But after playing an hour of the Heavy Rain demo, I have to say that THIS is the game I want to win so many awards.

God, for just a few moments of gameplay, it felt... it felt fluid, like every control was meant to be there. I really wanted to know more about the 2 characters played, not just about the killer. They seem... almost human.

Heavy Rain for PlayStation 3, coming February 23rd.

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Okay. I jumped on the bandwagon.

Ask my anything at http://formspring.me/isfacat
Why Don't You?
Just when I thought it couldn't get worse...

My car exploded.


Shot engine. Great.
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Holy crap. I think I'm going to FWA...
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My apartment complex is freaking out. Holy shit, who ever thought I'd live to see the day?

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Well, here we go. I'm on my way down to New Orleans now. I've still got butterflies in my stomach.

As long as I keep my sunglasses on, I should be fine.
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Finally! It's finished!

I've been meaning to finish working on this video, but never got around to it. I finally got inspired to go ahead and finish a video of my favorite memories from RCFM 2009.

Check it out!

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Also... PS3 MediaServer is love
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The morning, the artist responded with a resounding yes. So now, I begin and undertake one of the biggest projects I have ever worked on.

I am making a music video for Matthew Ebel, using his song "I Know You're There" off the album of Beer & Coffee.

The notes for the song have finished, I have casted Character #1 and #2, and right now I'm waiting for my storyboarder. If anyone wants to help, I might have to install OC.
Why Don't You?
An idea for a music video arrived in my head last night, and for now I'm writing down notes for the storyboards.

I'm waiting to see what the artist will say before continuing.
Why Don't You?

I will be posting this in my userinfo for the time being.
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